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"Randy is one of the

most profound

body-workers I have ever met. Having the opportunity to work with him must be regarded as a sacred time: he is truly a bodywork master. I call him Master Usem!"


~ Bruce Lano,


American Yoga



Randy Usem Removes Armor With Radix


After years of counseling and psychotherapy, Sue felt she had made progress and was more balanced but she longed for a stronger mind body link. Her emotions were still suppressed and she wondered if she could ever safely release them. Two experiences with depression kept her feelings further submerged. She lived with physical pain and psychosomatic illnesses. In her attempts to become healthier, Sue experienced body work for ten years and practiced yoga. She also went for counseling and took medications but the long sought after feeling of wholeness still eluded her. Then, at age 51, Sue met Randy Usem, L.M.T. and Radix Instructor, and her life began to change. Sue was interested in neo-Reichian psychology so when she saw Usem's business card saying that Radix had evolved from Dr. Wilhelm Reich's practice, she knew she wanted to connect with Usem to learn more.

After working with Usem for eight months, Sue's eyes now sparkle and she becomes animated when she talks about the many benefits she has received from Radix through Usem. She says, "Now I sing. He has given me hope that I can feel whole. I have received more benefit from Randy Usem and Radix than other therapies which tend to be very cerebral." She added, "I need the physical aspects of healing to help me feel integrated."

Today, J.N., another client of Usem's, is more aware of how she holds in tension, anger or strong feelings. She is more aware of her body and her breathing is better. Her capacity for physical exertion has increased and she now has periods of no physical pain. She feels more grounded in the present and is happier and enjoys spontaneous laughter while experiencing an improved quality of life. J.N. gives Randy Usem the credit for these positive changes. J.N. met Randy Usem through his wife, Bess De Farber. She started seeing Usem because he is a massage therapist and she suffered from chronic back injuries, pain and tension. As the relationship grew, so did her knowledge of Radix and she eventually found the combination of massage and Radix to be a powerful force for wellness in her life.

Usem works with individuals and small groups in his comfortable mid-town studio. When first meeting Randy Usem, you immediately notice his warm, dark eyes that gaze directly into your own eyes and his generous, sincere smile that totally encompasses you. He exudes competence and authenticity. There is an air of confidence, strength and caring about Usem that makes it easy for clients to trust him. Not only is he listening to what you say verbally, he is also "listening" to the subtle messages your body sends out. His intuition guides him as he brings forward his extensive experience, knowledge and training to offer a customized healing program to each client that will draw them into a personal, healthy mind body connection. Usem blends Radix with deep tissue massage to create a powerful healing combination.

Radix began with the renowned psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, M.D., one of Freud's inner circle and Usem's hero, who broke away from the psychoanalysts to work with the body. "He watched what people did with their breath, body, verbal and non-verbal expressions and formed a connection between their physical state of being and their mental and emotional health," said Usem. "Reich was really a founder of somatic therapy and of many of the holistic schools of thought that followed," he added. Based on Reich's work in the 40's and 50's, psychologist Charles Kelley developed Radix, a personal growth process that is founded on the holistic principle of mind and body unity, in the late 60's.

"Radix is an old English word meaning root, or source," Usem said. He added, "Radix works to bring the body back to its true self." Usem said most people tend to subconsciously hold onto some pain, fear, anger and longing from their childhood, and this can be felt and seen in the body. These past experiences and feelings build a frozen history, or in Reichian terms, armor in and around the body. Radix aims to unlock these subconscious memories and feelings while freeing the person from emotional and physical restrictions. Radix teaching combines psychological processes and body awareness as well as working with breathing and physical movement to achieve a more complete body mind connection and overall wellness in those who experience it.

Usem knew about Radix when he saw it mentioned in a book about Wilhelm Reich, M.D. Later, while living in Florida, he saw an ad for Radix by a Radix teacher in an issue of Natural Awakenings. He started Radix education for himself and after seeing and feeling the positive results in his own life, as well as other's lives, he knew this was a very valuable process that he wanted to learn, use and teach.

The Radix practitioner training course can be completed in two years or take longer if needed. Usem has been studying, working with clients and teaching Radix for over three years. As part of his training, he travels to various places in the United States four times a year for intense week-long training sessions. Usem is the only Radix teacher in Arizona. He is building his private practice and conducting small group sessions. He says, Radix is for the long term. It's not a single session experience. People who use it for the long term discover that they continue to enjoy personal growth and increased good health." Sue and J.N. agree with this statement. "I see Radix as a long term process for me," Sue said. "I have received better results from Radix than other therapies I have experienced including physical work and talk therapy," she added. When asked how she feels now after receiving Radix for nearly a year, Sue says, "Integrated!" Through Radix, she has achieved the goal she has been pursuing for years.

When asked if J.N. would recommend Usem and Radix to others, she enthusiastically said she would and she plans to continue with it herself. She faithfully does physical, breathing and vocalizing exercises on her own in order to enhance and enjoy the quality of life she has achieved through Radix. Usem is working to grow his practice with people who see the value of Radix and are willing to commit for the long term in order to achieve maximum benefits. His ideal clients are people who want more than a rub down or who haven't received good results with traditional therapies. Radix work is like peeling an onion with many layers. As the client goes deeper, doors leading to new worlds of personal growth and good health continue to open. A key concept in his work is that of armor which can be seen and felt as seven rings of tension that can surround the body at various levels. A goal of Radix is to free up or open this armor. In line with this goal, Usem named his business Armorless Body Therapies.

Usem sees himself as a catalyst for creating lives with less pain, improved health, emotional well-being and personal growth. Radix could well be the newest discipline for creating the ideal mind body connection.

Randy Usem, L.M.T. and Radix teacher, can be reached at 520-207-7911 or randyusem@yahoo.com or www.armorless.net. For more information about Radix, go to www.Radix.org.

This article was written by Donna Reed, a Trainer and Life Strategy Coach and author. She is the owner of Tools For Achievers and can be reached at 520-299-8199 or Reed@toolsforachievers.com.

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