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"Randy is one of the

most profound

body-workers I have ever met. Having the opportunity to work with him must be regarded as a sacred time: he is truly a bodywork master. I call him Master Usem!"


~ Bruce Lano,


American Yoga




From Reich to Radix: The History and Relevance of Somatic Therapy


The Radix story starts with the work of Wilhelm Reich, M.D., a founder of somatic therapy. Reich was a well-known psychoanalyst of Freud's inner circle who started observing the body and breath, while adding touch to his therapeutic methods. Reich discovered that people's problems were connected to disturbances in the body's energetic pulsation - the flow of breath and life energy. He adopted the word "armour" to describe the body's chronic muscular tightness that holds emotional memories and tensions that block the free flow of life energy.


According to Reich's research the body is divided into seven segments that each have their own pattern of creating muscular armour and are somewhat similar to the chakras - energy hubs identified in Asian culture. Blocked muscular segments each produce typical holding patterns that restrict energy flow, circulation, movement, breathing and/or suppress feelings. Muscular armour not only "protects" people from unwanted emotional pain, fear and anger; it also may be the source of a wide range of maladies including hypertension, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, and immune dysfunction.


Muscular armour can begin to build up in the body at a very young age. When children are denied their natural and spontaneous reactions, they learn to hide and suppress true feelings in order to feel safe or to behave. Commands like don't shout; don't cry; don't laugh or get excited; don't stare, cause children to shut off feelings and self-expression. Thus begins the body's unconscious pattern of stopping or blocking the natural biological pulsations that accompany strong emotions. Furthermore, the same blocking patterns can affect one's ability to fully experience feelings of love, trust and joy. Most people have no memory of these spontaneous energy pulsations that were lost in their youth.


Personal success or a comfortable lifestyle can contribute to covering up one's inner longing and emptiness. While talking about past events and analyzing connections between a person's current situation and their personal history can have positive results, it often requires more than words to restore one�s natural well-being and energy flow. The difference can be illustrated by some practitioners who believe "it's all in the mind," whereas somatic practitioners believe the answers are in the body�s blocked pulsations and energy flows.


Charles Kelley, an aeronautics scientist and Bates Vision Improvement instructor who studied with Reich before he died in 1957, used these concepts in the 60s to develop individual, small group and workshop methodologies currently known as Radix education. Kelley chose the word radix, an old English term meaning root or source, that can also relate to the energetic concept of "chi." Kelley died in 2005.


To keep Reich's legacy alive and expand the use of Kelley's methodologies, the Radix Institute continues to provide training and certification for teachers from around the world. Radix teachers utilize the breath combined with a variety of physical and verbal exercises to increase body awareness and grounding, as well as to open the different body segments and layers of blocked perceptions, feelings and expressions. Frequently, assistance and guidance from a Radix teacher using various forms of touch can provide the catalyst for achieving deeper feeling and surrender.


Contact: Randy Usem, Radix Teacher and L.M.T

Email: randyusem@yahoo.com

Phone: 520-207-7911


About Randy Usem

Randy is the only practicing Radix Teacher in Arizona. His practice focuses on serving those who have sought professional therapeutic solutions and are looking for a more body-centered approach to healing. He has had particular success with those who suffer from chronic pain and emotional issues. Randy's studio is located near Alvernon and Broadway in central Tucson. Call 520-207-7911 for a free introductory Radix session.

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